In Memoriam:

Jeffrey Foskett

Jeffrey Foskett
February 17, 1956 – December 11, 2023
“The CEO of Falsetto”

Jeffrey Foskett had a long association with The Beach Boys. He began working with Mike Love's solo shows in 1979 and then joined The Beach Boys' touring band in 1981, while Carl Wilson was on sabbatical. When Carl returned to The Beach Boys, he asked Jeff to stay on to sing Brian Wilson's falsetto parts in concert.

When Brian Wilson started touring as a solo artist at the end of the 1990s, he asked Jeff to be his musical director. Jeff toured with Brian through 2013, playing and singing on Brian's albums from that period. He was also one of the two “vice-principals” on The Beach Boys' reunion tour in 2012 and features prominently on their That's Why God Made the Radio reunion album. Jeff released a number of excellent solo albums over the years, including Through My Window, Cool and Gone (Gone, Gone), and Twelve and Twelve. His last album, Voices, came out in 2019.

Jeff continued touring with various BB members until 2019, after he had been diagnosed with anaplastic thyroid cancer. He passed away on December 11, 2023, at the age of 67.

Jeff was an amazing musician — with a golden voice — and a generous soul, ever gracious to his fans. Our condolences go out to his family and friends and to the extended Beach Boys' family.

Jeffrey Foskett 


Brian Wilson: “I'm so heartbroken that my dear friend Jeff Foskett has passed. Jeff was always there for me when we toured and we couldn't have done it without him. Jeff was one of the most talented guys I ever knew. He was a great musical leader and guitarist and he could sing like an angel. I first met Jeff in 1976 when he knocked on my door in Bel Air and I invited him in, and we were friends ever since. I don't know what else to say. Love and Mercy to Jeff's family and friends, we will remember him forever.”
Dec. 11, 2023

Alan and Mary Ann Jardine: “We are so deeply saddened hearing about the passing of our good friend Jeffrey Foskett, who we've known for many many years. Jeff always kept in touch with us, no matter which Beach Boys hat he was wearing. He was so talented on so many different levels but it was his wonderful sense of humor that kept him balanced and helped him navigate all the hard knocks you get in the music business. Jeff had a contagious positive spirit and never gave up hope. God bless his beautiful spirit and zest for life, we will really miss him and cherish all the great times we shared together. Keeping his wife Diana, his daughters and family and fans everywhere in our thoughts. Rest in peace Jeff and thanks for always making us smile.”
Dec. 11, 2023

Mike Love: “We are all part of a great big family, The Beach Boys one. We have all played our part over these many decades. One who played an enormous part for so many decades has sadly gone on to another place. Jeff was and remains so very special and loved by so many. God called one of his great ones home. Jeff’s sense of humor, talent, charm and genuine heart of gold did not go unnoticed by anyone who crossed his path. He was called ‘The Voice’ for good reason, he could harmonize with the best, and he did! Listen to tonight's stillness, as I am certain there is a very big heavenly party with ‘The Voice’ singing lead.

Jacquelyne and I will miss him immensely, remaining grateful for his love, friendship, kinsman ship and all he means to our lives. The grief comes in waves as a reminder of the precious love we have for each other. We will ride these waves of grief as each wave brings us closer to an amazing memory of the past.

We will forever love our FosQ.

Dec. 11, 2023

Blondie Chaplin: “RIP Jeffrey Foskett. Love, Blondie Chaplin”
Dec. 11, 2023

Bobby Figueroa: “Sad to hear of the passing of Jeff Foskett.... RIP ....”
Dec. 11, 2023

Todd Sucherman: “Taylor [Mills] and I are heartbroken over the news about the passing of Jeffrey Foskett. Taylor was his band mate in Brian Wilson’s band for 12 years and we all started together there in '99. He had a voice like an angel and had a million stories. He did not suffer fools gladly and you felt great when he was loving what you were doing on stage — and you saw it in his eyes. The Brian Wilson band sang ‘Our Prayer’ to begin the ceremony when Taylor and I got married. I’ll always remember Jeff's falsetto on the opening bars cutting through the warm spring day in Topanga Canyon — what a way to begin a wedding and what a gift we'll cherish forever. Condolences to his family and friends. Rest well, brother — it was an honor.”
Dec. 11, 2023

America (The Band): “It is with great sadness we must report that we lost a longtime friend and musical peer today after a long health battle. Jeffrey Foskett has passed on to the other side. Rest In Peace, Jeff.”
Dec. 11, 2023

Micky Dolenz: “Once again I am heartbroken at the loss of such a dear friend. Not only did we make beautiful music together, but he was an inspiration to me with his cool, calm demeanor, astute sense of humor, boundless generosity, remarkable fortitude, and purity of heart. I will miss him terribly. Rest in peace dear Jeffrey.”
Dec. 11, 2023

Bill Mumy: “It’s tough to say goodbye to friends. R.I.P. Jeffrey Foskett. He was a funny, generous, multi-talented, soulful, good guy. Jeff was Brian Wilson’s right hand man, singer, companion and ‘wrangler’ for many years. He sang the high falsetto parts that Brian originally sang on the early Beach Boys recordings and he played the Carl Wilson guitar parts. Jeff fought that hard battle against cancer for a long long time... He will be missed. Sending love to his wife Diana and family.”
Dec. 11, 2023

John Stamos: “...I lost more than a friend; I lost a part of my soul, my history — Jeffrey Foskett, my dearest friend, brother, and the brightest light in my life, has left this world....

Jeff was more than just a friend; he was the one who brought the harmonies of The Beach Boys into my life, and with them, a spectrum of color and joy I never dreamed would be part of my life. He was a vibrant force, a radiant soul whose laughter and wisdom touched everyone he met. He was an older brother in spirit, guiding, lifting, and loving me, sometimes more than I thought I deserved.

...when I think of the 40 years we shared — the uproarious laughter, the music that we believed changed lives, and the unshakable bond of brotherhood — I can't help but feel grateful. Grateful for every moment, every note, every piece of wisdom he shared with me.

Jeff was larger than life. His talent, his laughter, his ability to make everyone feel seen and heard — these are gifts that he gave freely and generously. He filled every room with his presence, leaving a lasting impression on everyone he encountered....

Jeff, saying farewell is a task I am not ready for. You have left an indelible mark on my heart, but the legacy of your love and laughter will continue to resonate within all of us.”
Dec. 12, 2023

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