Billy Hinsche's very first solo CD, Bay of Plenty, was recorded on the day he arrived in New Zealand on a trip there in March of 2002. The album is a live, “unplugged” recording of songs he has written over many years, including tunes that have been recorded by Dino, Desi & Billy; Nelson Riddle; Dean Martin; Ricci, Desi & Billy; and Carl Wilson, as well as new compositions. Billy also explains the circumstances surrounding the writing of each song in an anecdotal way.


  1. Tell Someone You Love Them
    (B. Hinsche) Dino, Desi & Billy Music [BMI] 3:04
  2. Don't Know Why
    (B. Hinsche) Dino, Desi & Billy Music [BMI] 3:27
  3. For the Love of a Woman
    (B. Hinsche) Dino, Desi & Billy Music [BMI] 4:17
  4. Carlata Said
    (B. Hinsche) Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP] 6:57
  5. Me and My Pillow
    (B. Hinsche) Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP] 3:37
  6. Ride That Wave
    (B. Hinsche / M. Angeloff) Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP] 3:56
  7. Lady Love
    (B. Wilson / B. Hinsche) Brother Music [BMI] / Dino, Desi & Billy Music [BMI] 2:22
  8. One More Night Alone
    (B. Hinsche) Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP] 3:23
  9. Juliette
    (B. Hinsche) Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP] 4:13
  10. I Do
    (B. Hinsche) Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP] 4:25
  11. Patria
    (B. Hinsche) Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP] 3:50
  12. Under a Beach Boy Moon
    (B. Hinsche / D. Arnaz, Jr.) Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP] 4:14
Engineer: Trevor Collings, TSP Productions Ltd, Tauranga, New Zealand



“If we needed any further evidence of the musicality and versatility of Billy, here it is! The songs accompanied with guitar show the sweet side of my friend, while the piano-based songs have him emotional and vulnerable. I wish I had the chance to record this with him! Mr. Hinsche is definitely a graduate of the University of California, Brian Wilson Campus.”
Robert Lamm (Founding member of Chicago)

“What a pleasure to have on disc, the songs that I so enjoyed hearing performed live in my many travels with Billy. This disc really ‘humanizes’ a very soulful, provocative musician and entertainer.”
Jeffrey Foskett (Brian Wilson's Musical Director)

Bay of Plenty packs plenty o' pleasure for those who've waited for Mr. Hinsche to step front & center from the groups he's lent his boundless talents and enthusiasm (just proves my hunch it was Hinsche!). Intimate, companionable reflections. Magical musicianship filled with romance, subtle whimsy, with trademark harmonics associated with his life at the top of the charts. I lost my blues on a cruise through each new sentiment on this heavenly sent Bay of Plenty.”
Van Dyke Parks (Brian Wilson's Smile lyricist)

“Billy Hinsche is a talented, devoted musician for over 40 years!! Billy is a true performer and has always been electric on stage. His live CD is another example of how hard he rocks!!”
Carnie Wilson (Founding member of Wilson Phillips)



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