Mixed Messages is Billy Hinsche's first studio solo album and represents the culmination of 35 years of writing and recording. It is a double CD package of 24 songs, the majority of which have never been released until now. Recorded in studios all over the world, Mixed Messages is an amalgamation of styles and influences both in the areas of writing and production. As Billy says, “There's something here for everyone.”

  1. Music Is Freedom (1971)
    Brian Wilson's home studio, Bel Air, CA [“A” side single]
    (Billy Hinsche, Jack Rieley) Dino, Desi & Billy Music [BMI]*
  2. Don't Know Why (1971)
    Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA [“B” side single]
    (Billy Hinsche) Still Waters Music [BMI]*
  3. Good Things Are Comin' My Way (1978)
    Sampaguita Studios, Manila, Philippines
    (Billy Hinsche) Dino, Desi & Billy Music [BMI]*
  4. Automan (1983)
    Sound Solutions, Santa Monica, CA
    [ABC/20th Century Fox television theme song]
  5. Call in the Light (1984)
    Frank Sullivan's home studio, Pasadena, CA
  6. The Valentine Song (1987)
    Rico Productions, Culver City, CA
    (Billy Hinsche, Melissa Torme-March) Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP]*
  7. Juliette (1988)
    Aboard Ricci Martin's Studio Yacht, Marina Del Rey, CA and Rico Productions, Culver City, CA
    (B. Hinsche) Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP]
  8. FBI Wipeout (1988)
    Beach Boys show board recording, FBI HQ, Washington, DC
    [MC: FBI Director William Sessions]
    (Jim Fuller, Ron Wilson, Billy Hinsche) Robin Hood & Miraleste Music [BMI] and Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP]*
    Used by permission of Brother Records, Inc.
  9. Beautiful Girl (1989)
    Al Jardine's Big Red Barn, Big Sur, CA
    [Beach Boys band]
  10. Good Memory, Bad Feeling (1990)
    Carlsbad Studio West, Carlsbad, CA
  11. Me & My Pillow (1990)
    Wayne Tweed's Project Studio, La Costa, CA
  12. Let It Rain (1991)
    Ricci Martin's home studio, Lake Arrowhead, CA


  1. My Lucky Day (1991)
    Ricci Martin's home studio, Lake Arrowhead, CA
  2. Don't Fall Too Deeply (1991)
    Ricci Martin's home studio, Lake Arrowhead, CA
  3. Let's Build a World (1994)
    River Ranch Recording Studio, Woodland, UT
    [Caring Program theme song]
    (Billy Hinsche, Carl Wilson) Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP]*
  4. I Believed She Loved Me (1995)
    Board recording, Tropworld Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ
    [Beach Boys band]
    (Billy Hinsche, Orrin Hatch) Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP] and Orrin Hatch Music [ASCAP]*
  5. Carlata Said (1995)
    Black Mountain Productions, Henderson, NV
  6. I Do (1995)
    Black Mountain Productions, Henderson, NV
  7. Ride That Wave (1996)
    Carlsbad Studio West, Carlsbad, CA
    (Billy Hinsche, Michael Angeloff) Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP]*
  8. I Wonder (2001)
    Carlsbad Studio West, Carlsbad, CA
  9. I Exist (2001)
    River Ranch Recording Studio, Woodland, UT and Park Hill Music Studio, Hemet, CA
  10. One in a Million (2003)
    Studio Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
    [Dedicated to Dennis Wilson]
  11. With This Heart (2004)
    Michael Angeloff's home studio, Hemet, CA
  12. Merima (2005)
    Carlsbad Studio West, Carlsbad, CA

    *All songs written by Billy Hinsche and published by Hinsche Haus Music [ASCAP] unless otherwise indicated


MUSICIANS & SINGERS: Billy Hinsche, Carl Wilson, Al Jardine, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, Jeff Foskett, Ed Carter, Mike Kowalski, Mike Meros, Richie Cannata, Ricci Martin, Wayne Tweed, Desi Arnaz, Jr., Tony Martin, Jr., Joey Puyat, Ding Dong Boogie, Cholo Ansaldo, Bob May, Michael Villa, Vales Crossley, Phil Jones, Rich Cromie, Jenny Lind



ENGINEERS: Steve Desper, Jeff Peters, Ricci Martin, Wayne Tweed, Gary Johnson, Vales Crossley, Fred Drachus, Frank Sullivan, Phil Jones, John Blasutta, Keith Wexler, John Goetz

Front & Back Illustrations: Sabine Bohn
Front Cover Photo: Gunter Gries
Graphic Design & Layout: David Beard
Back Cover Photos: Billy Hinsche (Al Jardine's Big Red Barn studio and Ricci Martin's River Ranch Recording Studio control room)



NOTE: A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this CD will benefit the Carl Wilson Foundation

RD&B Records, LLC
Copyright © 2006 MFM Productions, Inc.


“The music of Mixed Messages represents thirty-five years of working with Billy and all the fun and friendship we have shared because of our love for good music. All of these songs connect to a time in Billy's life and fond memories for me as well. It's great to have them all together in one place for everyone to enjoy! Thanks for all the music from your heart, Billy. Your pal Desi.”
Desi Arnaz, Jr. (founding member of Dino, Desi & Billy; actor, producer)

“Billy really shows his true colors in this multidimensional record. Infectious right from the start with ‘Music Is Freedom,’ we see his quirky style and musical sense. His velvety voice graces the thoughtful song ‘Don't Know Why;’ then we go deeper and find the dark and beautiful ‘I Exist’ and gut wrenching ‘With This Heart.’ The very special ‘One in a Million’ showcases Billy's wonderful lyrical abilities. It is nice to know that some music transcends time. Through all of the phases in Billy's musical career thus far, different as they are, he has always been a natural.”
Wendy Wilson (founding member of Wilson Phillips, niece)

“Billy's career-spanning Mixed Messages illustrates his eclectic and pronounced ability to execute artistic and thought-provocative compositions in a hybrid of styles, all the while maintaining an inner presentation of fun. Included in this package are ‘Music Is Freedom,’ ‘Don't Know Why,’ and the touching Dennis Wilson tribute recording, ‘One in a Million,’ as well as the Beach Boys related tracks ‘FBI Wipeout’ (performed live at a special FBI Beach Boys concert), ‘Beautiful Girl’ (recorded with the Beach Boys band in 1989 at Al Jardine's studio), and ‘Let's Build a World’ (co-written with the late Carl Wilson) making this collection a ‘must have’ for fans of the Beach Boys.”
David Beard (editor and graphic design artist, Endless Summer Quarterly)

“After decades of being a gifted musician, artist and composer, Billy Hinsche has done it again. His new double CD release, Mixed Messages, is absolutely wonderful and heartwarming. Enjoy!”
Wayne Tweed (musician, producer)

“This is really great — no kidding!!! Billy is really one talented songwriter and singer. When I think of his life and exploits, I am so impressed. All great stuff. A wonderful CD set.”
John Hunter Phillips (singer, songwriter)



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